Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Skinny Pizza 's Reviews

Few days back , My friends and I patronised Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place for a birthday dinner. It was my first time there and i'll have to say that it's rather disappointing. :( I'll elaborate below!

Place and Atmosphere
Wheelock Place is a less crowded place as compared to other areas in Orchard. But Skinny Pizza was quite packed few minutes after my friends and I sat down. This is probably because it was dinner time already. Definitely nothing fascinating about Skinny Pizza in terms of their place , it's like  "4 Fingers" feel to me. A quick dine and go place. Atmosphere wise , very casual and relaxing , nothing much :)

- The Mains 
We had a total of 6 person , so we ordered 3 pizza. Honestly speaking , the pizzas weren't that nice. It was too thinly crusted and not filling at all. The crust breaks as we lift it up and ingredients were all over the place. By the time we scooped everything to our plates , it was not a whole pizza slice anymore , more of a "mixed" salad with crumbs. Each of us had 3 slices of different pizza , as we finished all 3 slices , none of us felt full. We were all rather hungry still. Such disappointment compared to Pizza Hut or Dominos where you will feel damn full after having three slices! :( 

The English Breakfast Pizza.
Bacon , mushrooms , roasted tomatoes are the highlights of this dish. 
PS. Can't remember this pizza's name. :( Will search and fish the name out!
Squid Ink Pizza.
Squids are definitely the highlights. 
Truffle Fries.
This fries is just like any other fries , oily. But SMELL LIKE GASOLINE! Perhaps cause it's made of truffle and that's its smell.
1/4 Metre Long Sausage.
A little tad too hard :( 
This is all that we ordered :) Definitely not a filling meal.

It's a very disappointing meal for my friends and I. It's not filling at all , we kinda feel like we wasted our money. None of these food are nice. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to my friends. Despite seeing reviews of this place's food being awesome , superb and all , I feel none of those. Probably my last time visiting this place for pizzas. :(

Directions :
Wheelock Place , Town. Take the escalator up to Level 3. Walk all the way straight , turn to your right and you will see Skinny Pizza.

P.S. All reviews is based on personal experience. May subject to different opinions.

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