Friday, May 2, 2014

Paw Pet-radise Cafe's Review

Today , my friends and I went to check out a Dogs' Cafe located at Balestier Road!! Below are the photos and my reviews on it :)

Before we stepped into the cafe , we could already hear dogs barking from afar. As we reached the entrance of the cafe , we felt , awkwarddd and lost cause we didn't know what to do. Furthermore , everyone there brought their dogs with them while we just went there empty handed. DESPITE some of us having a dog at home :( Still , we braced ourselves and went in. Haha. 

The Place and Atmosphere.
When we stepped in , all we see are mostly dogs playing and running around. It was also rather noisy with continuous barking from several dogs. Of course , you'll see drops of pee here and there , I guess nobody noticed it and thus didn't clean it. Haha. But all in all , the cafe is still relatively clean. I find the cafe rather small , with about 45-50 seating. Each table can sit at most 5-6 people. They probably have little seating considering that they have to create spaces for the dogs to play around.
Atmosphere wise , at first you will find it rather awkward (especially if you go without a dog) as everyone there seems to know each other. But after settling in , you will find the atmosphere lessen a little , everyone seem friendly and they are more than willing to share information about their dogs. :) The dogs are rather friendly too. You'll enjoy at least a little bit there if you are an extreme dog lover. BUT , my advice for you is to BRING A DOG IF YOU HAVE ONE SO YOU WILL FEEL NORMAL!!  


The crazy Golden Retriever who kept barking crazily.
Probably the most obedient dog there :')
STUMPY! The nickname I gave her :D 

Mia , The owner's Husky. The most laziest husky I've ever met , kept sleeping and sleeping. HAHA.

The Master of them all are here. Black Chow Chow. (Resembles a gorilla HAHA)
*Opps. Humping in process. *Censor-ed*

Another Husky was brought in and this was a beauty <3

Golden Retrievers' gathering session. 
Fatty Dog , HAHA.
Alrightalright , enough of the dogs , now , let's move on :)

The Food.

Beef Lasagna with sides of Fries and Garden Veggies.
 Our reviews : We give it a 7/10. The Beef Lasagna itself was good , it was the sides that wasn't that satisfying. Especially the Garden Veggies. There wasn't any dressing to it and usually when we hear Garden Veggie , the first thing we thought of will probably be Broccoli and Carrots. But over here at this cafe , it's just lettuce and a slice of tomato. (Fries will be commented below).

Chicken Chop with Nachos&Cheese and Garden Veggies as sides.
Our reviews : We give it a 5-6/10. The chicken chop taste like normal Hawker Centre's Western Stalls' kind. Garden Veggies , as commented above , are just lettuce and a slice of tomato. They also served the Nachos to us without Cheese on it. 

 Our Reviews : This fries was probably the saltiest I've ever tasted. Not to mention Macdonalds' , of course. It was so salty that we didn't finish it and left quite a bit behind. It was really disappointing. We thought it would actually be like Popeye's Cajun Fries but of course , we were wrong.

Potato Wedges. 

Our Reviews : I find the only tasty thing among what we ordered , the Potato Wedges. Although yes , it was rather oily , but this was the nicest thing.

Conclusion :
I would recommend Dogs' Lovers to try this cafe out , provided you wouldn't mind about the hygiene there. Haha. There are loads of different kind of food there , not just what we ordered. Ranging from side dishes to main courses , pastas , cakes , desserts.

How to get there?
Take 145 from the bus stop opposite ICA Building. The bus stop at the mall and Hotel V. Bus Stop Number 01311.
Drop "Opposite Moulmien CC". Look out for a Guan Yin Temple. This bus stop is directly beside a Guan Yin Temple that has a traffic light in front of it.
Cross the traffic light in front of the Temple and turn to your left. You will see a road , cross the road and turn to your right.
Keep walking straight , you will see staircases after awhile , go up the stairs , turn to your right , keep walking straight. The destination is on your left , one of the shop there.

Toodles :) 

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