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Bangkok Trip Day 1.

Good evening all :) So, I went to Bangkok on the 14 of June to 17 of June 2014! Because of the curfews and riots few days before my trip , my family and I nearly cancelled our trip :( But luckily , 1 day before our departure date , the curfew was cancelled! :) YAY! Anyway , enough of my bullshit , shall let the photos do the elaborating :)

P.S. All street food that I tried will be posted at a separate blog-post :)

Bangkok Day 1. 

For the very first time , we had to take a bus to our plane because there was too many flights taking off at the same time so there wasn't enough place for the planes to park. 

As usual , being very budget , Tiger Airways. Haha. 
Our flight was scheduled to fly off at 6.35am but due to some mechanical issues, we ended up flying off at 7.30am. Initially quite excited that I maybe able to see the sun rising while on the sky. However , due to the delay , I ended up watching the sun-rise on Singapore ground :( 
Beautiful sun-rise :)
I can never get tired of watching the sun-rise :')
Clouds are part of my favs :)
Vast lands directly below of us :) 
Not suppose to be taking photos but ohwells , haha :)
Thailand grounds :)
After 2 hours of flight , we finally reached Bangkok :') 

Bangkok Airport
After Immigration Checkpoint
Empty Baggage Collection Point. Haha.
After we exited the Immigration Point , we headed straight to get a local SIM-Card. Most travellers will usually get a local sim-card upon arrival at BKK Airport. Normally , the two stores that travellers would patronise at the airport for a local SIM will be these two :

There's no difference between this two stalls. The TRAVELLER SIM that they sell are the same and both are priced at 299 Baht. Which is about SGD$12. Don't worry if you don't know how to install , they will help you install it in your phone and configure the settings for you :) 

After we got our SIM card , we went to meet up with our hotel chauffeur. My family and I were staying at Centre Point Pratunam Hotel . It's our second time staying in this hotel because their service , location and accommodation is just so superb. Take a look at these photo and you will agree :) 
The van that hotel sent to fetch my family and I.
Lights , Aircon , Speakers all above us. 
Ultra comfortable and wide seats that can fit 8-10pax!
Centre Point Pratunam Hotel's entrance :)
Outside lobby of the hotel :) Surrounded by beautiful plants and artifacts :)
Perfect place for family photo-taking :)
Huge indoor lobby seating :)
Reception Area :)
Free coffee , tea and chrysanthemum tea at Reception Area for guests.
Side Area of the indoor lobby.
Comfortable Toilet at the lobby with extensive features of toilet bowl. HAHA.
Deluxe Executive Room. Just nice for my family of 6 :) 4 adults and 2 kids :)
Dressing Table that is available in each room.
In each room , there's a small "kitchen/dining" area :) Stoves , Microwaves can be requested :)
A very classy toilet :)
Superior Room. This room are for my gramps :) 
Similarly , they have a dressing table :)
Plates , Cups , Utensils are all provided :) 
Nina , the friendliest and most helpful staff in the hotel.
She's the only one there that can speak muliple kind of language. Haha.
Location : Pratunam. Opposite of Pantip Plaza ; 5 minutes walking distance to Pratunam Wholesale Market , Platinum Fashion Mall ; 15-20 minutes walking distance to Four-faced Buddha , Big C Supercentre , Central World. 

Review : Both of my stay with this hotel was very very very satisfying. I can't explain how much of a comfort it was to be in this hotel. Every staff there were sweet and caring , friendly and kind. They were the main reason why our stay there was very pleasant. Especially Nina , she helped us a lot during our stay there. Finding taxis that can fetch my family of 8 person , recommending places for us to visit , checking up on us here and then. One of the most heartfelt thing she did for us was when she sent a cab to fetch us back to the hotel after knowing that we were stuck at the overhead bridge in front of Central World due to the big rain. That was rather touching for us :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF YOU TO GIVE THIS HOTEL A TRY. 

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fffabfQheQs to watch the video that I took of our hotel lobby :) 

After checking in at the hotel , we went to Pratunam Market for breakfast. 

The place that we are having breakfast at is Phetchaburi Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles. This "restaurant" is very well-known in Pratunam for their wonton noodles. You will see many travellers inside , trying out their wonton noodles and pork belly rice. 
How the shop look like from the front.
Wonton Noodles. It's quite small a portion , so a normal person usually order about 4-5 bowls. Haha.
Pork Belly and Intestine to be go with the rice. 
Condiments on the table that can be seen in every restaurant.
Hot and steaming pork trotter in a big pot outside the shop. Mmmdappp :)
Location : Soi Phetchaburi 19 , Pratunam , Bangkok.
How to get there : 1. From Centre Point Pratunam side door -- Exit side door , turn to your left. Walk straight all the way until you see Shibuya 19. Facing Shibuya 19 , walk down the road on it's right side for 1-2 minutes. Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles Shop should be on your right hand side. 
                              2.  From other places -- Nearest BTS is Chitlom or Siam. Walk towards CentralWorld , exit Isetan. Keep walking straight , past Platinum Fashion Mall , go to Pantip Plaza , cross the overhead bridge in front of Pantip. After crossing the overhead bridge , you will see a 7-11. Facing 7-11 , turn to your right. Keep walking till you see Shibuya 19. Walk down the road on it's right side , Wonton Shop is on your right. 

Reviews :  The wonton noodles is definitely delicious! :) But the pig intestine is the best , chewy and sweet :) It's damn good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  

After breakfast , SHOPPING TIME! :) 
Of course when we finish breakfast , it was already 11++ am local time. Therefore all the wholesale market was already closing. We only had chance to shop at the stalls around our hotel. 

Alongside of our hotel , street stalls can be seen.
Pantip Plaza. This mall sells a variety of electronic gadgets.
They also have small "pasar malam" in the middle of the mall at times with things going as cheap as 10baht. 
Stationary stalls inside pratunam market. 
We decided to go back to the hotel after a bit of shopping for some rest before heading to Chinatown for dinner. 

We went over to Chinatown at about 4.30pm local time. It was a hour's drive there , considering the heavy traffic on the road. We reached there at about 5.30pm. Rational behind why we went to Chinatown so early is because we wanted to eat at the famous T&K Seafood Restaurant. It opens at 4.30pm and usually there will be a long queue by 6pm. Hence we decided to go early. 

Famous T&K Seafood
Their outdoor kitchen.
Prawns? Nah , this is called mini lobster. Freshly grilled and served :)
Fried Rice.
Tom Yum Goong
A not so nice vegetables that we tried. Haha.
Prawn Eggs for my sisters. 
Fresh and sweet mussels! :)
Curry Egg Squid
Full-house @ 6pm.
Queues starting to form. 
Location : 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd, Bangkok 10100.
Opening Hours : 4.30pm to 2am.
Contact Number : 01 507 5555
How to get there : By taxi. 

Reviews :   The seafood here is definitely up to it's name. Not only was it cheap , it was delicious. It only cost us about SGD$30++ for everything that we ordered! How cheap was that! :) Well-spent money :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

With dinner done , we shopped around Chinatown while waiting for our taxi driver to come and fetch us :) 
Chinatown , Bangkok , seems similar to Singapore's. 

林真香. A shop famous for it's pork floss aka "dog shit" in hokkien. 
 To end the day off , we went to a train market for some shopping.

Srinakarin Train Market ( Talat Roi Fat ) 
My family and I came upon this train market online , so we decided to check it out and see if it was as good as it seemed.
It wasn't easy getting to this Srinakarin Train Market despite us being on a taxi. It took us 30 minutes to reach there , 30 minutes of waiting for a parking lot , before we can get off and start shopping.
It was indeed a beautiful place. 
Each stalls own a colourful tent. 

Freaking delicious food , the only thing that attracted me. 
Yumsyums to my tumstums!
Everywhere was antique stuff. 
Reviews :  Many people on the internet commented that the things there were rather cheap. But I beg to differ. The clothes , accessories , bags were all rather costly. One shirt can cost about 140Baht at Srinakarin but a similar shirt costs about 50-60Baht back at Pratunam Wholesale Market. Most of the things sold here can be found at a cheaper rate in Pratunam , hence I didn't bother getting any. I know you guys probably thought about bargaining , but nope , you are wrong. Bargaining doesn't work here at Srinakarin. :( They also sell series of antique gadgets here , such as tape roller and recorder. But i'm not so sure about the price since it wasn't attractive enough for me. Perhaps those are the ones that are cheaper. All in all , unless all of you don't mind taking a long time to reach here and to buy some overly expensive yet common stuff , I DO NOT RECOMMEND.  

Location :  Srinakarin Road Soi 51
Opening Hours : Weekend Night Market - Fridays to Sundays. Shops - Tuesdays to Sundays.
How to get there : By Taxi.

This sums up Day 1. Comment below if you would like to have the contact details of Centre Point Pratunam and tell me what you think about this post! :)

Day 2's post will come up soon! :) 

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