Friday, May 16, 2014

Ang Mo Kio 龙海鲜螃蟹王 , Mellben Seafood's Reviews

My family and I went to patronise this seafood restaurant today , to celebrate my mother's birthday. Let's look at my reviews of the place :)

Place and Atmosphere
The place is like any other restaurant under a HDB. It's not really a restaurant , its more of just like a place for casual seafood. We went to the restaurant at about 5pm so there was not much customers. But when we left at around 6.30pm , it was rather crowded with people queuing already. Not much atmosphere feel there , perhaps cause it's just like any other casual dining place. 

My family is not really satisfied with the food , despite this Seafood House being listed as top 3 of Singapore's famous place to have crabs. They think it's probably better to dine at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant or 螃蟹之家. They didn't find the crab exceptionally nice. It's comparable to those famous restaurant at East Coast. 
Let's check the photos out! :) 

Black Pepper Crab Bee-Hoon.
This dish is not that bad. But of course , the crab used is much smaller than the crab they used for a Chilli Crab dish. There was quite a bit of broken shells here and there among the beehoon , so you'll have difficulty eating properly. Overall , it's not too spicy , can serve 2-3 person. 

Rojak Chicken.
This is probably a dish that you will not be able to try outside. They mixed fried chicken with rojak sauce. Combination is quite okay , but it's a rather simple dish. It won't be suitable for young kids as the more you eat , the spicier it will get. $15.

Chilli Crab.
Fresh and juicy meat. Quite a big crab. Standard is comparable to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. Nothing special actually.

 Steamed Dried Radish Dragon Grouper , 菜圃蒸龙虎斑.
This is one super costly fish. There's totally nothing special about this. Only the Dried Radish topping was delicious , the fish itself , is not that good , as commented by my mother and sister. It's very very common. Taste just like a Red Grouper. $50.

Beancurd Combination , 四宝豆腐.
Not a worthy nor nice dish. Ingredients was not that fresh , had a weird taste to it. Resulting in my family not finishing this dish. Only 2 scallops were placed in there. It actually cost us $30 for this dish.

Conclusion :
Based on my family's experience , we definitely did not enjoyed our trip there. Probably our first and last time. It's rather disappointing to know that we didn't had an experience like the other people who wrote good reviews about this restaurant. There was nothing special in fact. Costly and a regretful birthday dinner. My mum was not happy at all. 

P.S. All reviews are based on personal experience , may differ from other people. 

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