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Carousel Restaurant @ Royal Plaza On Scotts Singapore

I've been planning on giving my parents a buffet treat to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day so while I was doing research on Singapore Best Buffet Restaurant , Carousel was always popping up in the list. Therefore , I made a reservation at Carousel Restaurant for a lunch buffet. Initially only bringing my parents because this treat was for them only. But my 3rd sister was alone at home so I asked her along , to celebrate her Birthday in advance , which is tomorrow and gave her this treat as a gift. HAHA. :)
So anyway , BELOW are my reviews of the place!

The Place and Atmosphere. 
Once you stepped in the Hotel , you will see the restaurant on your left. As you walked straight , you will see the grand stairs (picture below). The inside of this hotel look just like any other 5 star Hotel , grand and elegant.

Lunch starts at 12pm. At 12PM , we went into Carousel. Our seats were at a private corner as I requested for it upon reservation. The place is rather well furnished and equally divided , such that there were food on display everywhere you walk. They also have private rooms for big groups dining. Place was nicely lit with grand lighting display. Seats were all divided equally with each set of eating tools on the table , arranged nicely. The dining atmosphere was also good , no disruptions , nothing. Check the pictures out!
Tables that are arranged nicely and neat.
Look at the right hand side of the picture , it's where my family sat. Right beside the girl in black!
Extensive Lighting used.
Each individuals personal tools to deal with the foods. Haha.
The Food and Service.
Despite being a Lunch Buffet , Carousel offers a great variety of food. Ranging from Raw to Cooked Seafood , Sushis , Salads , Roasted Meats , Chinese Food , Indian Food , Pastas , Bread , Soups  , Fruits , Fondue , Desserts , Yogurt , Asian Kitchen , and many more! You have so much options that I doubt your stomach can fit all kind of food they offer!
Here are some photos of the kind of food they have!

The Very Fresh , Juicy and Meaty Seafood.
(Photos shown are not the only ones they have there.)

Crab Legs!
My favourite part of the crab. IT'S CLAWSS!
I never tried mussels , BUT Carousel made me fall in love w them after I tried it here the very first time :)
Steamed Salmon :) I prefer the Raw Ones.
Their Japanese Kitchen. 
(Pictures shown are only a few out of the many items they have.)

Many people queued for these salmon. They have different kind of raw salmons.

These sushi-s are just so nice :') My sister and mother ate quite a lot.
Other than Sushi-s and salmon , they also have a grill and fry counter , to serve meat , fried rice and vegetables.

The Salad Counter.
What you see here are just an example of their counter. Not only do they have vegetables , they have sauce and side fruits to let you add on. They also have cooked meat salad , like chicken or duck meat salad at the side.
Variety of vegetables to choose from.
Example of Seafood Salad.
The Western Kitchen.
(I'm only listing a few of their dishes.)

Western Side Dishes. 
Includes wedges , potatoes , tomatoes , other sauces to match.
Black Pepper Chicken.
Not my favourite because only the outside was coated with pepper. :( 
They also have this pasta station where you choose the pasta of your choice , tell them the sauces you want them to make it in. I chose Aglio Olio and I SWEAR ITS DAMN GOOD OHMYGOSH YOU NEED TO TRY MAN.

The Cooked Food Station.
They had about 6 types of different cooked food served.

The mussels WAS AWESOME.

Bread station was directly at the side of the cooked food.
They had pumpkin soup and seafood soup served at the side of the bread station too.

The Dessert Station.
(NOTE : They have a wide wide variety of desserts , this are just some of the pretty ones)

My sister liked this despite the mango being sour.

This little cups of dessert are so cute and nice!
My dad had the chocolate one and he liked it alot!
Fruit Pie!
Chocolate Fondue ! Favourite^^
So many type of things to dip!
At the side of this is also a make your own Ice-Cream Station! 
Conclusion :
ALL OF THEIR FOOD WERE GOOD. They have other food like chicken rice , laksa , nasi briyani , curry , prata and many more too! I can't even remember all of them!

The Service.
Carousel Restaurant has one of the best service I've ever encountered. Their service staff are always smiling to you. They clear the plates that are filled with shells real quickly. Once they see it , they clear it and replace with a new one. They refill your plain water even when it is still 1/4 filled.

Helpful. E.g. My dad asked a service staff if he could have a cup of Latte. By right , my dad should be getting it himself but the staff actually got it for him.

Thoughtful. E.g. I wanted to grab some food together with my dad. As he stood up , his chair was blocked my path. I couldn't exit. Just as I was about to shift the chair , the same Malay Service Staff who helped my dad walked over and pushed my dad's chair in for me to walk.

Sweet. E.g. I told the staff that my sister's birthday was tomorrow and asked if something could be done to surprise her. They planned and eventually , they came up with a cupcake , with a candle on top. Not only that , they also sang a "Happy Birthday" song for my sister. My 3rd sister was shocked and too surprise to even react.
The Birthday Cupcake!

My thoughts :
I've truly enjoyed the first time @Carousel Restaurant. It was one of the best buffet restaurant I've gone to. Before I made reservations , I actually emailed the staff to acquire more information like what kind of food they served during lunch buffet etc. The staff were nice enough to assist my enquires and even attached a sample menu for my reference. Email them! They will be more than glad to assist you!
As for the costing , I find it quite reasonable. For 3 adults and 1 children , it cost me about $190. Inclusive of GST and service charge. I also had a card discount. Do ask them about it :) Of course , dinner will be more costly , since the food served will probably be even more sumptuous. Despite lunch already having such wide and nice variety of food! :)


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