Friday, May 2, 2014

Shop Wonderland Cafe's Review

This is a CAFE at Haji Lane. Yes , Shop Wonderland is actually a cafe. :) Below are the pictures and my reviews on the place and their food.

The Place and Atmosphere.
Shop Wonderland have a very attractive exterior and that was what captivated my friends and I to patronise it. Their exterior gave a very comfortable and cosy feeling.

Of course , when we stepped inside , it verified our feelings. It's a rather good place to chill and chat with your friends. Even though we went in at about 7pm , the cafe was not crowded , with only one group of people inside. They also have a second level that sells botanical items(I didn't go up because I had no interest of those things. Haha.) The place is also rather decorative , you can see in the pictures below.

Their decorated and elaborated lighting.

On the first level , the cafe also have shelf (the image below) set up to sell cafe related items, things such as tea cups , table linen , drinks. 

Shop Wonderland sells mainly pastries and cakes as their food. Their drinks will mainly consist of those items you can find at a typical cafe. I've a drink menu attached at the very last , check it out to see the what drink they have! :)  

We went at a timing close to their closing , hence , not much pastries or cakes was left :(
The Food.
My friends and I ordered a Rose Cake , a Fudge Cake and a cup of Latte.

The Rose Cake and Fudge Cake.
The Latte.
Our Reviews : Latte - 7/10. It taste like a typical coffee found in any cafe , just that their latte art was a little too common.
Our thoughts on the cakes :
Fudge Cake - The cake was too concentrated and thick. We felt tired and sick of eating it after awhile. This resulted in us leaving quite a huge piece behind when we left. Definitely not recommended for non/slight-chocolate lovers.

Rose Cake - It was delicious. For some of my friends , they say it tasted a little bit like cheese cake and macaroons. The red filling have a bandung taste to it too. Highly recommend everyone to try! :)

Overall , we would still recommend people to patronise this cafe as their atmosphere is rather good for chilling! They have a variety of pastries and cakes , different from what we tried too! 
Do check it out!! :) 

How to get there :
This cafe is actually located at the stretch of shop houses at Haji Lane. Around this cafe are mostly boutiques and bar. Walk down the next stretch of shop houses right after you walked past Bali Lane and you will see it :) Definitely not easy to miss because of the Cafe's exterior :) 

Lastly , this is the drinks menu!  

Toodles!! :)

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