Saturday, May 24, 2014

49 Seats @ Outram Park

Recently visited 49 Seats at Outram Park for a birthday dinner with my friends :) Below are my reviews of that place!

Place and Atmosphere
This cafe is located by the street , like a shop-house. They have internal dining and external dining. But only people who reserved a seat can dine in the air-conditioned(internal) while people without any reservations made will have to sit at the tables and chairs placed outside. Another option will be that if you want to sit inside the restaurant despite not making any reservations , you will have to eat within 1.5H then you are required to leave.
The atmosphere is rather normal , not fascinating at all. Especially when you sit outside , cars , buses driving by. Distracting and somehow warm. Inside will probably be better.

For drinks , I actually ordered the House Fizz. It's blackcurrent syrup with soda and sprite. Tasted really nice :) Other than the black current favour , they also have the fruit punch flavour! It only cost $2.50. Compared to my friend's Coke , which cost $3.00 , this is so much nicer and worthy!
House Fizz - Blackcurent
This cheese fries was rather mainstream. We ordered cause we craved for it. Haha. But it wasn't cheap!! $7.90 ! *shakes head.

49 Seats is known for their TomYum Pasta. But honestly speaking , it's very over-rated. It's actually not as nice as we thought. Even though there's like a MUST-TRY sign there and their popularity is quite high. It's very thick , not spicy , sick of eating it after awhile. The mussels was my favourite among the entire dish. Haha. Overall , this pasta was not my favourite. So much for being the most popular food among people I've came across.
"Famous" Tom Yum Pasta.


I didn't really enjoyed my trip there. It's not that good as we heard. Food was over-rated and the only nice thing there for me was the House Fizz. Perhaps next time I should try other food then evaluate again.

Directions :
Take an MRT to Outram Park , go to Exit H.
Walk straight all the way after you exit until you see the back part of an indian temple.
Walk towards the indian temple's entrance and you should be able to see 49 seats right opposite the entrance.

P.S All reviews are based on personal experience. Subjected to different opinions. 

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