Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Swensens Restaurant's Review

Every year , we often patronise Swensens but I've never really taken pictures of the food and gave reviews about it. So now , I decided to do a food review about their food.

P.S. My family and I 's personal thoughts on it , may vary from others.

The Place and Atmosphere.
It's like a typical restaurant kind of atmosphere , just a little noisier. Perhaps because many people dine in there. I've tried Swensens' Food in two places , I will tell you about this two places separately.
1. Changi Airport T2 - Usually VERY CROWDED. Recommend to go earlier if not you will have to queue rather long. Peak hours is usually from 6.30PM onwards. Service staff is also very nice , thoughtful and sweet.
 2. Parkway Parade - Normally crowd only come at about 7PM-7.30PM. It's quieter before this timing with little patroniser. After 7PM , usually have to queue for awhile. Service Staff is not that friendly and thoughtful , don't really know how to answer questions when we prompt.

The Food.

    - The food listed below are the ones we tried at Changi Airport T2. 

Strawberry Super Soda. 
Rating : 6/10. This drink was a little too sweet for me. But it was kinda nice because I could taste the rich strawberries inside. It would be good if it wasn't that sweet. 
Breaded Chicken.
Taste nice , even though it's probably because of it's thick batter coat and that it is deep-fried.
Rather oily , so it probably won't suit health conscious people or people who wants to eat light. 
By the time you finish the chicken , you will be too full for the fries.  
Fish and Chips.
My sister tried this , she finds the food alright. Quite a big portion for someone who eats very little or doesn't want to eat too full. 
Earth-Quake Ice Cream (8 scoops)
We often order this for dessert , it's sufficient for 6 person. May be too much if you or your friends don't eat a lot of ice creams.

    - Food listed below are the ones we tried at Parkway Parade. 

Milo Dinosaur
Rating : 6/10. This is my first time having this drink. It's good tasting , just that the amount of ice they added was far more than the milo itself. It didn't take me long before I finished the drink , even before my food came. I had to wait for the scoop of ice cream at the top to melt before there was any liquid for me to consume. 
Black Pepper Seafood Pasta.

Rating : 6/10. I tried this in the past at Changi Airport T2 , I would give theirs 9/10. This outlet's pasta taste alright , it was the fish fillet that was a big disappointment. Their fish fillet was VERY VERY dry , so dry that I had difficulty swallowing it. My family members tried and they agreed too. Whereas , the pastas' fish fillet at Changi Airport's outlet was soft. I wouldn't recommend you to try this at Parkway Parade's outlet. It's rather disappointing for me. P.S. There was mussels actually , but I removed it as I don't eat it. 
Fried Fish with Apricot Mayo.
Rating : 9/10. This is one of my mother's favourite. She always recommend us to eat this whenever we go to Swensens. She's actually a picky eater , so I suppose you know how well this taste. :) It maybe personal preference but we highly recommend you to try. Portion wise , it is just nice for one adult :) 

Fish Baked Rice.
Rating : 7-8/10. Other than the rice being a little too dry , overall it's rather good and tasty :) Especially the cheese part :) The rice serving has decreased over the years. Portioning is suitable for young adult , people who don't eat much , but it will not be suitable for people who actually have to eat alot in order to feel full. 
Salmon and Mushroom Baked Rice. 
Ratings : 7-8/10. This is probably one if my father's favourite since he order this most of the time when we patronise Swensens. Similarly , the portioning is rather small now , as compared to the past one year or so. There is no bad reviews for this. Rather good to taste :) 
Fire-house Happy Birthday.
Rating : NIL. This ice cream is like a normal ice cream to us. Other than having a candle to blow on. The only dissatisfied thing is that the banana was actually not ripe. It's rather hard to cut and bite on. 

To summarise , I would actually recommend people who want to patronise Swensens to go to the outlet at Changi Airport. Perhaps because of personal preference :) But I find Changi Airport a good place to dine at as after dining , you can walk around the airport , looking at planes , travellers and all. Changi Airport is a nice place to stroll :)
Furthermore , the service staff there is way much nicer. Let me give you an example.
May 8th is one of my siblings' birthday while May 16th is my mother's. Usually , we will celebrate at Swensen's earlier unless the dates fall on my parents' off-day. There's this rule in Swensen's that customer will receive a complimentary Birthday Ice Cream as long as it's their birthday on that day.
At Changi Airport , we negotiated with the staff and told them we are actually celebrating in advanced because we don't have the time on actual day. The managers and staff are nice enough to give in and gave us 2 complimentary Birthday Ice Cream.(3 scoops).
At Parkway Parade , the staff and manager told us in our face , "No , have to be actual day." There was no place for negotiation. This is rather annoying as clearly , they actually could have given it to us.
Thus , Changi Airport's outlet will be better :)

Toodles for now :D

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