Sunday, July 20, 2014

Le Xin Catering and Services. 乐新自助餐

Hey ladies and gentlemen! I hope all of you are doing well :) 

Today, I'll be sharing with you my reviews on a catered buffet to my grandparents' house for their birthday celebration :) We ordered the buffet from "Le Xin Catering and Services (乐新自助餐)". Usually , one should book a buffet catering at least 4-7 days prior but my family booked it 2 days prior to actual day. :( Hence, we are very thankful that this company was able to rush it in for us :) 

Food was wrapped with plastic foil when it came. 
Seafood Fried Rice
Review : "Seafood Fried Rice" tasted like normal fried rice , there's no exceptionally tastier feel to it. Seafood used was mildly fresh. NEUTRAL.

Har Chong Kai ( Fried chicken drumstick/wing )
 Review : "Har Chong Kai AKA Fried Chicken pieces" was a very disappointing dish. My family always order this dish at a Zi Char stall when we dine out. We expected it to be the same but turns out , it's totally different. If one knows the Har Chong Kai served in Zi Char stall normally , from this picture , they will be able to tell the difference. It didn't had any taste close to a Zi Char's H.C.K. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
Cereal Prawn
Review : "Cereal Prawn" is the most satisfying dish among all the other. It is rather fresh and there was a lot of cereals all over the prawns :) Very popular among my family and relatives :) SATISFIED.

Broccoli and mushroom 
 Review : "Broccoli and mushroom" tasted fine :) The mushrooms were chewy and the broccoli had all the sauce sucked into it so they tasted juicy :) PLEASED.

Curry Chicken
Review : "Curry Chicken" was very oily , as you can see in the photo. There wasn't a lot of potatoes inside as well. So it was kinda disappointing when all the potatoes was finished. But overall , SATISFIED.

Steamed buns for the meat
The meat to go with steamed buns.
Review : "Steamed bun with meats AKA 扣肉包" wasn't up to expectations. Even though the meat had a lot of fats(a very good thing for this dish) , it was not "soggy" enough , in a sense where it's still not that soft , would be better if it was cooked even longer. The bun was not hot , so my grandmother had to steamed it with her woks again before serving. DISAPPOINTING.

Sweet and sour fish
 Review : "Sweet and Sour Fish" was as good as the cereal prawns :) Very popular among the kids. Sauce was put aside to prevent fish from turning soggy. HIGHLY SATISFYING. 

Yam Paste
 Review : "Yam Paste" was the worse dish of them all. It was too sweet to an extent whereby too much of it will cause you diabetes. The person-in-charge did warned us about it but we went ahead to test it out. My advice is , listen to the in-charge and NEVER ORDER THIS DISH if you look for this caterer. You will suffer and waste your money on it.

Free 28 birthday buns.
The person-in-charge was kind enough to give 28 birthday buns for my grandmother since it was her birthday. This cheered my grandmother up as she was so proud of it that she bring it around to show everyone! :) 

Our Spending : 
Dishes : 8 dishes + 1 tub of fruit punch
Price : $372. $10.90 per person , minimum 30 pax.

Conclusion : To conclude , my family and relatives were rather disappointing with the food that was provided. It didn't lived up to their expectations and most of them commented that the food wasn't that nice. Indeed , service from the employees were good but the food was not that good. We will probably source for another caterer the next time round.

If you are interested in "Le Xin Catering and Services" , below are their information :

Address : 15 Woodlands Loop, 738322
Contact Number : 6755 3736
Operating Hours :  9:00 am – 10:00 pm

That's all that I have , till then , take care folks :)

P.S. All reviews are based on personal thoughts. May subject to changes based on individuals.

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