Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bangkok Trip Day 4

It's our last day in Bangkok. Time flies :( Nonetheless , we made our last day fruitful too :)
Our flight was scheduled to depart at 5.30pm local time , therefore we had until 3pm to shop before we go to the airport for check in.

Brought our luggage down to check out and left it at the hotel before we head out :)
The very convenient side door of Centre Point Pratunam. 
Had our breakfast at SaebX2 Wonton Noodle shop again for the very last time before we headed to do our last shopping. 

Shibuya 19.
Since we had to hang around our hotel , we decided to go Shibuya 19. 

Inside Shibuya 19.
Different kinds of products are available but they ain't that cheap. Kinda costly.
Tents set up for street stalls :)
As you can see , weather in BKK is not that good :(

Last shot of my hotel before we departed to the airport.
Our hotel's taxi hang this chart to show the different prices for each destination.
My next stop? Hua Hin ^^ 
Pantip Plaza , the IT mall  opposite my hotel. 

Unload and get ready to check in.

The type of display one would see after clearing immigration.

Typical airport shops , the branded. :(
BKK airport has this kind of art pieces everywhere.
An artistic toilet that their airport has! :)
Seeing yet another after walking a few steps away from the previous one. haha.

It's time to fly. Back to my hectic life :(
All trips have an end to it. My trip ended rather quickly :( But oh wells , 4 days of trip , can't expect much :( I will be back again! :)

Thank you for reading , comment below and tell me what did you think about it! :) 


  1. Hi Kristine,

    May I know the taxi to airport, is it arrange by hotel? Can it sit 10 pax? The price is for per taxi or for one pax? Hope to hear from you soon! thanks! :)

    1. Hi , so sorry for the late reply!

      The taxi to the airport was arranged by Nena , the taxi service staff from the hotel. The taxi can fit maximum of 4 adults if there's a lot luggage. Unlike Singapore , younger kids are also allowed to be seated on the adults' leg. For my family , we had 6 adults and 2 kids with 8 luggage so we had to separate into two taxis. :) The prices is for per taxi :) Hope its helpful! You can leave your email here if you require further assistance :) I'm more than willing to help!

  2. They cant arrange 1 big taxi for all? I have the same number of ppl like you. Thank you for the detailed writeup. Enjoyed reading them. And your honest reviews. Know where to avoid to save time now.

  3. Hi there :)
    It is possible to have a big taxi for 8 person if you do not have any luggage etc. But if you do , it won't be possible to fit in just a taxi. Reason being, the third row of seats have to be folded up to fit the luggages at the back. So that removed seating that can fit 3 people already. :( My suggestion would be to get the van similar to the one I took from the airport > hotel :) That would be slightly costlier but able to fit all of you and comfortable too ^^