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Bangkok Trip Day 2

Pratunam Wholesale Market. 
This wholesale market is well-known to all , a MUST-GO place when one get to Bangkok :) 
They sell a wide variety of clothes , shoes , bags , accessories that are usually priced at 10-200Baht. But of course these are wholesale price. It means that you have to get 2-3 pieces and above in order to get this price. If you only get a piece , it will costs you about 2-3x the wholesale price. 
E.g. A maxi dress. 1 piece costs about 250-300baht but if you get 3 pieces , 1 only cost you about 150-200baht! Therefore , this is why it's called a WHOLESALE MARKET! Buy 3 and get cheaper prices! :) Here are the photos~ 

Street stalls beside GLOW Hotel/Shibuya 19. 

Had our breakfast here. 
Ultimate Spicy Tom Yum Glass Noodles that nearly killed my dad. I liked it though :) 
Crazily squeezy wholesale market in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
The space , the crowd , insane. 

This wholesale market was around the B-gallery at the utmost inside of Pratunam Wholesale Market.

Review :  Products sold here are definitely the cheapest you can find. For a very cheap price , you get what you want! Females shopaholic can definitely spend about 1000baht - 1500baht (SGD$40-$60) here. There's nowhere else with even better prices. SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

If you would like to try the "The Noodle" shop , below are the directions to it! :)

Location : Pratunam Market , Close to the end of Phetchaburi Soi 19.
How to get there : Walk straight all the way to the end of Soi 19 , the shop is right in front of a carpark , on your left hand side. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market. 
We headed to Chatuchak weekend market via hotel's taxi after our shopping spree at Pratunam. 
It was scorching hot when we reached Chatuchak. The weather was unbearable. >.< 

Arriving at Chatuchak. 

As you can see , here at Chatuchak , they sell all kinds of stuff. 

Shop-tents are set up , selling food and clothes. 
Chatuchak also have "indoor" shops , along the aisle. They have different kind of aisle for one to walk in.
Shops inside normally sell clothes , bags , accessories , souveniers.   

There are specific food sections that you will be able to identify.
Big and small areas , around Chatuchak. 
Example of how the "indoor" shops are like. 

One out of the many street stalls at the Big Food Area. 
I just had to take this photo. Hahaha. 
Location :  Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road , Chatuchak , Bangkok. 
Opening Hours : The market only opens on Saturday and Sundays. 
How to get there : 1. Take BTS to Mo Chit Station.
                              2. Taxi. 

Reviews :  Chatuchak Weekend Market sell a whole range of oddities , clothes , accessories , shoes , bags , everything. You can literally find anything you want. My family and I could shop for 3-4 hours non-stop. As quoted online "This is The Worlds Biggest Weekend Market selling practically everything under the sun, from the smallest nails, to foods, trendy fashions, antiques intricate wooden carvings, masks from far-off lands, adorable fluffy dogs, colorful fish of every hue and singing birds." 
Check Chatuchak out , they may not provide best deals but they have almost anything you need. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

Erawan Shrine ( Four-Faced Buddha )
We took a BTS from Mo Chit Station at Chatuchak all the way to Chit Lom Station. Then walked for about 5-10 minutes on the Skywalk before we reached.
Erawan Shrine is very well-known in Bangkok. It is where people said that your prayers will always be answered. Both local and international as well as tourists come here to pray for health and safety. But of course , this depends on individual and their beliefs. It is said that if your prayers are answered , you have to go back and repay them ; buying fruits , pay for the dancers to dance , donating to the temple and etc.

Beautiful Shrine with gold everywhere. 

Cleaning water , used before and after praying to the four-faced buddha.
Necessities for praying : Flowers , Incense , Candle. 
Erawan Shrine Dancers.

First face of the buddha.
How to pray? 
Each face represents different aspects of life.
1st side of the face : Peace and Health
2nd side of the face : Business and Studies
3rd side of the face : Relationship
4th side of the face : Wealth
-> Wash your hands and legs with the cleansing water first.
-> Light up your joss sticks and start praying from the first face and go clockwise direction. For each face , 3 joss sticks and a flower to be hung.
-> With all joss sticks and flowers offered , light the candle and offer it to the face you want it to come true the most.
-> Lastly , wash your hands and feet with the cleansing water again , before you leave.

Location : 494 Rajdamri Road ,Bangkok.10330
How to get there : 1. By BTS - alight at Siam Station/Chit Lom Station(nearer)
                              2. By walking - 10-15 minutes from Platinum Fashion Mall / 5 minutes from                                             Central World or Big C Super Center. 

Big C Super Center.
Since Big C Super Center was just across the street of Erawan Shrine , we decided to check that place out.

Big C Super Center
Directly opposite of Big C is Central World.
A typical mall setting.
Somewhat similar to SG's Giant.

Location : Rajdamri , Bangkok. ( Opposite Central World ) 
How to get there : By BTS - Alight at Siam Station. 
                              By walking - 10 minutes walk from Platinum Fashion Mall. 

Review :  Most people go to Big C for grocery shopping. Daily necessities are rather cheap. Their snacks and maggi mee as well. People buy their maggi noodles in boxes. You may like to check it out if you would like to purchase tidbits or maggi noodles. RECOMMEND. 

We headed back to the hotel for a quick rest before meeting our Thai relatives for dinner. 

Som Boon Seafood Restaurant. 
My dad's aunt brought my family and grandparents to Som Boon Seafood Restaurant for our dinner. 
The very first time coming to a decent restaurant for dinner in bangkok.

Fried Curry Crab
Fried Rice with crab meats.
Super duper fresh oyster omelette.
Tom Yum Goong.
Grilled baby lobster with wasabi sauce.
Stir-fry mimosa - 含羞草 
Deep fry fish cakes.
Location : 1. 895/6-21 Soi Chula 8 , Bantadthong Rd. Wangmai , Pathuwan , BKK 10330
                 2. 169/7-12 Surawong Rd. Suriyawong Bangrak , BKK 10500
                 3. 167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection , Ratchadapisek Rd. DinDeang , BKK 10320
                 4. 26 UdomSuk 60 , Sukhumvit 103 Rd , NongBon , Pravet , BKK 10250.
How to get there : 1. By taxi.
                              2. By taxi.
                              3. Take MRT to Huay-Kwang Station.
                              4. By taxi.

Review :  Our family patronise the first outlet. The place was rather discreet. Best transport will be by taxi. The seafood served here is definitely the best. It absolutely won T&K Seafood. Fried Curry Crab was sweet and fresh , with plenty of meat. A very different taste as compared to Singapore's. My family hated oysters in SG but when they tried the oyster here , they fell in love. It was so damn fresh. Baby Lobster has sweetness and together with the wasabi sauce , it was a perfect combination. My very first time knowing that mimosa was edible and it taste , nice! Just like "kangkong". Fried Fish cake is different from Singapore , I thought it might taste weird but i was wrong. I enjoyed every single dish of theirs. All the food were so super fresh and delicious!! Then again , I've to warn that the prices are not that affordable. It's veryvery pricey. Depending on what you eat of course. Still , I SUPER SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

That's all I have for Day 2! Comment below and tell me what you think :)

Day 3 will be up soon! :) 

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