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K Box Karaoke @ Cineleisure , Singapore.

Good Afternoon everyone! :) It has been long since I updated. So! Today , I'll be doing a review on the K Box Karaoke I went with my cousins recently :)

K Box Karaoke is located at Cineleisure's Level 8. You have to take the lift up and went you reached , this is what you see :)

The Place
Their front desk.
The buffet area. 

A rather small room for 5 of us.
My cousins and I opted for the lunch buffet and we reached quite early so there wasn't any crowd yet :) I would comment that the buffet area was rather spacious. The only negative comment that I have will be about their Karaoke Room. It's rather small and squeezy as the tables and system stand could not be shifted so we had difficulty moving in and out , since everyone seated rather close to one another.

The Food
Check out what they offered for lunch buffet! :) 
P.S. Note the rating out of 10 points I gave for each dishes that I tried. 

Shrimp Dumpling and Siew Mai. 6/10.
Review > I would very much prefer eating them at a Dim Sum place.

Deep Fried Dumpling with Mayonnaise. 7/10.
Review > Surprisingly , this dish was not that bad. My cousin's fav!

Sweet Sauce Fish with Pineapple Slice. 5/10
Review > I didn't really like this cause the chicken was kinda hard to chew on.

Fried Fish. (MY FAVOURITE!) 9/10
Review > MY FAVOURITE! The fish was awesome , especially when i dip it in the tar tar sauce that was served at the salad station. Yummyy!!

Curry Vegetables. 3/10
Review > I was so "turned-off" by this dish cause it didn't looked appetising at all! It looked like they dumped all the spared vegetables together and added curry to it only!

Pan-fry tofu with mushrooms , carrots , dong fen. 5/10.
Review > This tou-fu dish was kinda too light to my liking. It was a little too tasteless for me.

Fried Noodles. 6/10.
Review > The noodles was okay when I took the first few mouth. But gradually , I find it too oily to be consumed. 

Fried Rice with prawns and squid. 6/10.
Review > The fried rice was the very first dish I tried. It tasted nicer than the noodles and it was not that oily too.

Vegetables. 4/10.
Review > Initially I thought this vegetables was kinda healthy till I spotted the oil that they were laying on. It was too oily. I didn't like how it taste on my first bite so I didn't finish what I took.

Mini Cakes with cold sides - cuttlefish , crabmeats. 8/10.
Review > The mini cakes that they served was really nice. Especially the fruit flavoured cake. My cousin and I took it again and again. They also loved the cold side dish that this buffet had , especially the crab-meat dish. They had 2-3 servings.

The salad station. 6/10.
Review > Despite not having much vegetables option , it is rather thoughtful of them to have this salad station that caters to people who has the habit of eating salads during a buffet.

Fruits! No rating for this.
Review > The sad thing about the fruits they offered was that there isn't any variety. They had only watermelons on that day :( I was looking forward to a wider variety of fruits. 

Other than the food I listed above , 2 kinds of soup was also available that day. With one having tons of oil bubbles floating on it. They also provide a porridge pot with 4 sides such as salted egg , vegetables and etc to choose from.  
In addition , they have a coffee machine that serves Latte , Mocha , Coffee and etc. They also had an ice-cream station. But the only flavours they had on the day I went was Vanilla , Rasberry , Yam , Corn , Strawberry. They didn't have any plain water machine though , so my cousins had to dispense the hot water from the coffee machine before adding ice to it. :( They could have been more thoughtful about this.

My Review: Although the food they offered during the lunch buffet was rather limited and common , I kind of expected it. Since I only paid SGD$12-$14 for a 3-hours session. So I have no complains about that . But the only thing was the quality of the food could have been better and the room's air-con should be improved. It was colder outside of my KBOX room rather than inside. Even so , I would RECOMMEND people whom loves to sing to go give it a try :) You can sing while eating , what an enjoyment! Then again , perhaps you might want to go during the Dinner Buffet as my cousin told me they would have a wider variety of food served. Which makes a lot of sense since most buffets are like this. :)

If you are interested to go , below are the information of the one I went : 
Venue - Orchard Cineleisure
Contact Number - 6756 3113 ( You might wanna call and make reservation to avoid having no room )
Address - 8 Grange Road #08-01 Singapore 239695
Opening Hours - Daily 11am to 6am. IF I AM NOT WRONG.

Comment below and share your thoughts with me! ^^ 

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