Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bangkok's Street Foods :D

I've decided to compile all the street food I tried in Bangkok here because there are some which I recommend and some that I don't :) It's easier for you guys in this way :)
Here it goes! :)

Deep Fried Tapioca
Even though it may seem rather oily , you should give it a try! :) My mum was so excited to eat this that she bought it immediately upon seeing this stall! :) RECOMMEND.

Yikes to their oil!

 Steamed Corn
It's very common for the Thais to add sugar water onto all kind of food. Take this for example! They would dip the entire corn into a pail of sugar water before putting into a plastic bag for you. This will make the corn sweeter than original. :) They do this not only to corns but to fruits too! RECOMMEND.

Iced Milk Tea
Wherever you go , you will see drinks stall set up like the one below! Don't even hesitate to get anything , just order the Iced Milk Tea aka Iced Tea! I can assure you , if you are a fan of sweetness , you will fall in love with it. I lost count of the times I ordered Iced Tea everywhere I go! It's very different from our "Teh-Peng." Their Iced Tea have a richer and brighter colour and its taste is so indescribable !! SUPER HIGHLY  RECOMMEND.

A common street stall seen everywhere.
Charcoal Grilled Squid
I've always been a fan of squids , so I had to taste this! Don't ask me why is it so yellow , I have no idea what they applied on it too. Haha. Anyway , it's not really the squid that I was into , even though it tasted so chewy! It was the sauce that they pour over the squid after they put into the packaging. The sauce and squid combination is perfect. I fell in love with the sauce , it was just so damn good! It's a little like spicy mango but even tastier! Therefore , if you like squids and can take spice , try this! RECOMMEND.

 Coconut Rolled 'Crepe'
This was posted in my bangkok day's post but I decided to post it here as well to review it. As you can see , its a thin layer of "crepe" added with cream and coconut bits on it. They got two kinds of taste , the salty and the sweet. I took a mixture of both. I personally preferred the salty one because the taste was stronger. But both flavours are equally good :) Not everyone like this as some don't take coconuts. Hence if you love coconuts , try it! RECOMMEND.

Glutinous Rice Cake
This rice cake was not my favourite because it was nothing special. The only thing you can taste is probably the salty egg mix that they used to coat the surface of the rice cake before they "grill" it. My family tried and they didn't like it cause they find it tasteless. I didn't managed to finish it and threw it away. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
I didn't mean to cut her head away haha. 

Quail Eggs
This is one of my favourite food on planet earth! The quail eggs was made till it turned crispy yet still reserving a bit of the "uncooked" yolk , making it drip as we poke it. Like our half boiled eggs that we usually eat for breakfast , the people added pepper and soy sauce to flavour it. Turns out to be perfect! You're probably thinking about the cholesterol but oh wells , just try it! It's nice! RECOMMEND.

Red Ruby
This stall is situated at Chatuchak. Many travellers settle down in this stall for a cooling dessert due to the extremely hot weather at Chatuchak! It maybe too sweet for some but overall , its a very good dessert to cool you down. Their red ruby is crunchy and chilling , with the weather burning on your skin , you need one! RECOMMEND.

 Sausage-Bacon Cheese Roll
I had this at Chatuchak as well. Curiosity kicked in when I saw a long queue at this stall , so I decided to try it out :) I would say it's not too bad , bacon is nicely done with a bit of saltiness in it. But with the combination of mayonnaise on it , everything balanced out :) it's rather huge though , one roll can stuff your entire mouth. Haha. But I think we can make this easily at home too :) So , NEUTRAL.

 Coconut Ice Cream 
This is the one other cooling dessert you have to eat when you are at Chatuchak! It's a MUST TRY thing! :) Coconut Ice Cream is very famous at Chatuchak , many stalls sells it! But seek for the right stall! The price for coconut ice cream at all stall are the same. Yet some offers topping buffet whereby you can choose all kinds of topping you want and add it on your own but others only allow you to add 2-3 toppings! It's usually stated on the banner of the stall , "Buffet/Topping Buffet" if they let you go "free and easy" on toppings! Look properly! :)

I've come to the end of my street food post. :( I know it's probably not a lot of street food. I stomach-ed the rest of the food I tried before remembering I had to take a picture :( My bad. I will update this post again when I tried new ones next time! :)


  1. Hi Kristine,

    Thanks for your very detailed posts! I believe it definitely will help as I will be going to BKK soon, and will be staying in the same hotel as you. :)

    1. You are welcome :) YAY! Centre Point Pratunam is the best :D Nena knows everything , ask her anything with regards to attractions and food , she will tell everything that you need to know! :) Enjoy yourself there :D