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Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 3

Rise and shine , much anticipation for Evergreen Place's breakfast buffet to kick-start Day 3! ^^

So, their breakfast are below!

Sunny Side Up
Omelette + Sausages
A whole variety of juices
Ham and pork? sausages 
Curry Vegetables (Too early for this >< )
Fried Chicken + French Fries!
Different types of bread ^^
White & Fried Rice!
Vegetables & Noodles!
Coffee + Tea
Rather wide seating area with small tables.

Evergreen Place's breakfast wasn't as appealing as Centrepoint Pratunam. They had limited variety of food too. The omelette didn't taste as great too. However, still acceptable :) 

After breakfast, we head out towards Four Face Buddha by BTS. As a buddhist family, Four Face Buddha was a MUST to visit for us :) 

Entrance of Evergreen Place 
Clear signage on the BTS walkway to guide tourists.
The weather was so hot that we decided to take the route through the mall. Anyway, there isn't a stairs linked directly to Four Face Buddha too.

It was so super duper hot and crowded at Four Face Buddha in the morning, about 9++ am! 

How weather equals to? THAI ICE MILK TEA!!!! I HAD THIS AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK! IT'S REALLY DAMN GOOD. Cost about 25 BAHT each! 

We slowly strolled down towards Palladium Mall direction, hoping to shop in the mall. :)  

However, to our disappointment , there was nothing much to shop in Palladium Mall. Everything was not appealing at all and nothing caught our eyes. Tips, visit Palladium Mall at night. There will be a night market outside it. ^^

The only thing that caught my mum's attention was KFC. Since she did not have breakfast, she was starving.

 My sister and mum tried the cheesey chicken and spicy chicken with rice. There wasn't any sauce for the spicy chicken rice, everything was really dry. On top of that, cheesey chicken was also spicy. So don't be tricked and think it's non-spicy. 

Finishing up their food, we crossed the overhead bridge just outside of Palladium. As you can see from the image below, it's all street stalls! 

We walked towards the direction of Platinum Fashion Mall and hailed a cab there to Sampheng Lane, Chinatown.

Alighting from the cab, we were greeted by the sight of seafood! Fresh or not, I'm actually unsure. 

Sampheng Lane seems to be a wholesale market with groceries, food, clothes, accessories and anything you can name! 

Though the street was rather wide, time to time, vehicles cross by. You gotta be very careful! 

 You have to buy these pouches below!! It's REALLY CUTE AND CHEAP! Well, I bought one for 100 BAHT and guess what? I saw better ones for 60 BAHT. :( 

Some of the walkway are really narrow with motorcycles coming through every now and then! You have got to keep a lookout! 

There are air-conditioned malls within Sampheng Lane so not to worry. Most of the stalls inside sell wigs, accessories and stuffed animals! 

Every alley of Sampheng Lane is categorized into different products. For example, I walked through the "Party Supplies" , "Ceramic" , "Shoes" , "Accessories" and "Fabrics" area! 

Location: Soi Wanit 1 

Getting there: Taxi

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm 

Review: My family and I checked out Sampheng Lane because we came upon several media promoting about it. Sampheng Lane stuff are generally rather cheap but some stalls require you to buy in bulk such as 12 pieces before they are willing to sell you. If you haven't been to Samphen Lane, I would recommend that you try it out. You can get several gifts for your friends there too! My advice for you is to walk anywhere, anyhow. There's really no way I can guide you as to where you should walk. But do take note of the alleys you have visited by noting down the first and last stalls you see. You will be confused after walking around for awhile and you wouldn't want to walk down the same place again, right? I certainly will visit there again, TO GET MORE POUCHES! HAHHAHA. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

My dad was craving for Shark-fin soup while at Chinatown. He had me google the popular restaurants there on the spot. Apparently, Scala Restaurant was among those that was recommended. 

Different kind of Shark-fin soup. ( I DO NOT SUPPORT SHARK FIN SOUP SO I DID NOT TRY IT.)
All kind of cooking methods for crab.
Side dishes & Rice + Noodles!
It wasn't that crowded when we visited but I heard that it gets more packed during dinner time.

Shark-fin Soup
Crab fried rice!
Mushroom Tofu
Crab Bee Hoon
Steamed Fish.
Restaurant Entrance
Location: 483-485 Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong Subdistrict, Samphanthawong DistrictBangkok 10100 (In the vicinity of T&K Seafood)

Getting There: By Taxi

Operating Hours: 10.30AM - 2AM

Review: The total bill for my family was 2500 BAHT. Approximately SGD$90. Worth it or not? Nahs, I don't think it was actually worth to spend this amount. I actually expected the food and service to be fantastic since it's a restaurant highly recommended by several online sources. However, both the food as well as services was not up to standard at all. 
The only dish we really liked was the Crab Fried Rice and Tofu. Crab Beehoon had too much pepper balls? added and the entire dish tasted just like pepper. Steamed fish wasn't as tender as we expected. The vegetable was a little bit too hard to chew too. I can't comment on the Shark-fin since I didn't taste it. But no complains came from my parents so I figured it should be nice. Frankly speaking, I will NOT RECOMMEND this restaurant to my friends or family because I don't think it's worth the money. However, if you would like to try for yourself, do go ahead :) Every individual has different preferences, perhaps you will like it^^

Finishing up at Scala, we took a taxi back to Evergreen Place to place the loots we bought before walking towards MBK. It only took us 10 minutes to walk! 
The traffic is really bad throughout the day ><
Most of the bridge leading to BTS do not usually have escalator, just stairs. So my mum, being sick of climbing stairs, asked us to take the route through the Art Centre , making use of their escalator. The art centre is directly opposite MBK and filled with all sorts of artist's paintings, artwork and so. Art lovers will love this place!

Since I've covered MBK during my last trip, I will not be writing anything about it here :) Besides the ice cream that my sister treated me, hehe ^^ 

After we were done shopping at MBK, we crossed the bridge to the opposite side of the road, walking towards SIAM direction. As we walked down the roadside, we came across MarinaHK, a restaurant by the corner of a street. Since it was already dinner time, we settled down here. 

Part of the menu
It was a rather nice, two-leveled air-conditioned restaurant. 

We ordered fish-ball noodles, wanton noodles as well as a plate of fried chicken for dinner :) 

Dried fish ball noodles 
Fish ball noodle soup. 
Fried Chicken
Wanton Mee
Exterior of the semi-restaurant
Fresh fruit juices are actually sold right beside it! 
Location: 1 Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Operating Hours: 7.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Review: Overall, the food was rather satisfying. The wanton noodles tasted better than the one we had on our second night! The fried chicken was absolutely delicious! Nicely scented and taste superb! My dad really loved it a lot. HAHA. As for the fish-ball noodles, it's also not too bad, except my sisters said that the fish-ball had a little "fridge" smell to it. Which they are often sensitive to. However, if you are looking to have a quick and simple meal, i RECOMMEND you to try this place out :) Service was really fast too^^ 

Stepping out of the restaurant, you are faced with loads of street shopping stalls~ Walking further down from MarinaHK , you will reach the opposite of SIAM malls. Here, it's packed with stalls for you to do street shopping. 


Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze

As you can see from the images above, THE CROWD WAS CRAZY!!! You have to squeeze your way through because the walkway was so small and packed with people! Often , you have to even push and push to get through the crowd! The products sold here are actually of a rather good quality compared to elsewhere. But of course, price wise, it's on the high side compared to Pratunam Wholesale Market. However, I think for some apparels, it's worth it :) I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys to check this "night market" (technically its just a stretch of stalls on a small walkway) out if you are looking for some quality clothes that are of affordable price. It's just directly opposite of all the Siam Malls :) Just, be careful of your personal belongings when you are in the crowd! 

That's all for Day 3! Sorry if I bore you guys out :(

NOTE: Above are all based on personal preferences and may differ from other individual. 

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