Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 4

Last day of my trip, so I'm making full use of the breakfast now. Hehe. 

 Our flight was set at 5.30PM so we decided to use our morning for Chatuchak. We took a taxi from Evergreen Place to Chatuchak, costing us 150 BAHT. The taxi actually dropped my family and I at another entrance instead of our usual one, so we ventured another area of Chatuchak. 

As you can see above, even though we ventured a different part of Chatuchak, the lanes are similar to another. I know I've actually covered Chatuchak before but this time, there's something else I want to introduce to you. 

 NOW! This is what I want to share with you! 

It's pork bun! I don't usually eat pork but I came upon a variety host introducing this pork bun at Chatuchak so I set out to hunt for it. Hehe. I don't really know the exact location, I just came upon it miraculously while walking here and there. It's marinated pork clasp using a bun. It's similar to "kou rou bao". But the pork, it taste delicious! Not oily at all, nicely scented. I don't know how are you going to find this stall but I hope you do! It's a dish worth to try! 

As you can see, the weather was really warm that day. Sun shining down on your back , drips of sweat coming down your forehead. Just ohmygod. But I survived. HEHE. 

Hot buy is the thailand short pants. Everywhere is selling at different prices! So look out for the cheapest one! I got mine at 60 BAHT. 
Leather Arc/Ark is actually sold here. They said its authentic. Now, believing or not is up to you. HaHa.

At about 12PM , we decided to head back to our hotel as our legs were sore. Upon washing up, we checked out and got a taxi that was arranged the previous day, to Suvarnmbhumi Airport. We finally cleared the immigration (after throwing away my newly bought deodorant), and got into the transit area. 

Our stomach got hungrier after shopping around, so we settled at a eatery opposite burger-king.  

Pork Cutlet Rice 
Spicy Wanton Noodles 
Bacon Sphagetti
Tom Yum noodle soup
Yang Zhou fried rice 
I will not be doing a review for this eatery. However, just to let you know, they serve basic thailand dishes as well as other SEA cuisines :) Staff are generally patience and they are quite prompt in their service too. So , its nice , its nice ^^

With that, we've come to the end of my Bangkok Trip 2015. I hope you gained a lot of information from my posts and pardon me for the lousy english. With internship coming soon, I won't be having any chance to travel for a few months. Bear with me, I will review restaurants I go to in Singapore instead. 

Note: Above are based on own preferences and may differ from each individual. 

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