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Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 2

After a good night rest, we kick start second day with a hearty breakfast at Centre Point Pratunam! I've been looking forward to their hotel breakfast as it is so sumptuous with many variety of dishes to choose from! 

Cakes and Tarts
Croissants and bread 
Cereals dispenser
Milk and yogurt?
Flavored yogurt! 
Coffee and Tea!
Fresh Salad! 
Glass noodles!
Fried Chicken
Fried Fish!
Beef Brisket
Soup. Haha.
Melted cheese potatoes!
Pork and Chicken Sausages
Bacon which is too hard for my liking.
Indoor air-conditioned seating.
Are you drooling after seeing the breakfast spread? I certainly am :( It's good, definitely a MUST TRY when you stay at CentrePoint Pratunam! 

After Breakfast, we checked out from the hotel and visited Pratunam Morning Market while waiting for our check-in time to come at the other accommodation.

Side gate to the streets of Pratunam!  
As covered in my last trip's post, sides of Shibuya 19 is still lined with temporary stalls during the morning. 

 As you proceed further into the street , food carts can be seen lined by the side of the road, selling all sorts of breakfast you won't expect. 

Walking into the sheltered area of Pratunam Morning Market , you will expect a whole load of crowd , trolleys and sometime , bikes. You have to be mindful of your feet as the walkway is narrow and packed with people coming from all directions. Some of them pushes their "trolleys" packed with bags of clothes and they DO NOT watch where your feet is!!!!! 

Cutie pie!!
Walking towards, Baiyoke Sky , you will be on a road , with temporary stalls by the side of the road and at the open spaces. As the morning traffic is really heavy, BEWARE of oncoming bikes and cars as you walk along the road. Trust me, the traffic is scary. 

Review: Compared to my last trip to Pratunam Morning Market , I realized not much have changed. Except, PRICE & BARGAINING. It seemed that most of the clothes pricing had went from 100-250 BAHT to 200-400 BAHT. The clothes seemed no longer on a cheaper and "wholesale" price, with reference to my last trip. This feedback was also said by my friends whom were there at the same time as me. On top of that, not much chances of bargaining anymore too. Last time, I used to get a lot of discount after bargaining for awhile. But now, you get either some or no discount when you bargain. The "walk-away" technique doesn't work anymore too :( HAHA. ( Do you know the walk-away" technique?) 
Hence, my family and I did not visit Pratunam Morning Market again for the rest of our trip. 

As we walked back to our hotel, we walked past the famous wanton noodles, SaebX2. I tried it on my last trip so I didn't visit it this time round. Furthermore, look at the queue! It's so long!! But if you are a first timer , give it a try :) 

 With some extra time to spare, we visited Platinum Fashion Mall

Love accessories? Visit this stall! 

Review: Platinum Fashion Mall sells things at a middle to high price but the quality from the mall is usually better from those that you get outside. It has a huge diversity of things sold, ranging from accessories to clothes to IT gadgets. It depends on what you are looking for. I've came across several blogs mentioning about the food court selling delicious stuff. As much as I wanted to try, the place is so packed with no seats available. We didn't want to waste any time waiting thus never tried any of their food. 

Collected our luggage at Centrepoint Pratunam before hailing a cab to Evergreen Place Bangkok. It cost us about 100/150 BAHT. 

Evergreen Place Bangkok 

Check In counter

KITCHEN! Oven, Electrical Stove, Pots, Pans, Plates, Bowls, Utensils, Knife. You have all of those!
Another view of the kitchen! Coffee and Tea + Mineral water is also FOC!
Dining Table of 4!
Living Room
TV Console with DVD & CD Player!

1st Bedroom is a Queen? size bed. Just like a master room at home!
Big wardrobe and a personal toilet with both bathtub and standing shower facility! 
The 2nd toilet at the side of your TV console!
Only standing shower for the 2nd toilet!
2nd Bedroom includes 2 double? bed joined together. Can sleep at least 3-4 person here !
Own wardrobe and a small cabinet!
When you exit Evergreen Place from the small road, you will see Ratchathewi Station immediately!
Location: 318 Phaya Thai Road, Ratchethewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

Contact Details : Tel - +66 2219 1111 
                            Email -

Getting there: By BTS - Ratchethewi Station Exit 1 
                       By Airport Link - Phaya Thai Station and take BTS to Ratchethewi Station.    

Review: Evergreen Place Bangkok is more of an serviced apartment instead of a hotel to me. I'm very impressed by how spacious our two bedroom suite was, considering I haven't stayed at 1 before. 
First of all, they have really good doormen. They are prompt to get your luggage and hold the door for you, never fail to greet you when you walk past them too. Secondly, the location is really convenient as it is a 10-15 minutes walk to MBK and there's a BTS station right at the side of it. 
The downside would be the lack of promptness in housekeeping when we face technical issues. On top of that, the shower facilities was a little faulty. The pipe connected to the shower head was shaky and has hint of dropping off when I grab it. I had no choice but to use the "lotus" head at the top. On our last night of stay, the cap of the smoke alarm dropped off from the ceiling abruptly too.
Here's the irony now. The location. As it has convenient access to BTS and MBK, it is very difficult for you to find a cab that is willing to fetch you from Pratunam, Siam or MBK back. Also, even though Evergreen Place is located next to Asia Hotel, not much taxi drivers know about its location. IF you are staying at Evergreen Place, I suggest you grab a name card from the concierge so that you can show it to the taxi driver! Compared to Centre Point Pratunam, Evergreen Place do not have as much street food carts lined outside of it. There was a limited number of street food you get access to there. However, there is a 7-11 just at the mouth of the street entrance to Evergreen Place. 
Besides the faulty facilities and transportation issue my family and I experienced, we had a wonderful stay at Evergreen Place Bangkok. I'm still impressed and will definitely patronize their apartment again. 
(I suggest you book through Online Travel Agencies as it is cheaper!)

Upon checking in , we rest a little before making our way to Ratchethewi Station for a BTS to Terminal 21. 

Purchase of BTS tickets usually need a lot of coins so remember to change it at the station office!

First trip to Terminal 21 , did anticipate about how cool it was, since I heard that every floor was designed has a different country theme. 

Entering Terminal 21 , you will face an "atas" sight.
Slightly "branded" shop such as Victoria Secret, G2000, Charles and Keith are located in this mall. 
As we were all starving , we headed straight to the food court level. On the same level, you have other restaurants to choose from, besides the food court. 


Food court lined with stalls selling different kind of food!
Mango Sticky Rice!
You have to purchase a coupon card before buying anything. Each coupon card is topped up with money to use at the stalls. You don't have to use up all the money you topped, the money left inside your coupon CAN BE REFUNDED! 

Glass Noodle soup
Pad Thai! 
Terminal 21 is filled with really beautiful and artistic decorations.
A cafe that I came upon. 

I believe you have probably heard about how Terminal 21 designed their toilet as well to suit their country theme on each level. Well , my curiosity and anticipation had me going to every single level of their toilet to snap pictures as to how it looks like! HAHA. Well, I'm definitely amazed at some and their design is kinda tumblr-ish I feel. (Sorry I can't really remember which level does each photo belong to , so pardon me!) 

So tumblr-ish isn't it?

The toilets can be a great place to photoshoot actually, if you are having the feel to snap some OOTD or whatsoever :) Now, let's move on to the shops. 

Street of Japan was beautiful.

As you can see, H&M is also located here ar Terminal 21. 

This was Rome if I'm not wrong, I kinda like how real it felt HAHA.

If you are looking for a supermarket, Terminal 21 has a Gourmet Market at their basement. Not only is the supermarket located here, there are also finger food for you to get if your mouth is itching!

I wish there were Salad Bar in all of the Supermarket :(

Taokaenoi is the famous seaweed that everyone eats! They do sell other snacks as well!

It's gonna take quite awhile for you to finish the entire mall ><
Location: Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 19 and 21)

Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm

Getting there: By BTS - Asoke (direct access via skywalk)

Review: My family and I walked out of Terminal 21 empty handed. Their products are definitely priced on the high side. Accessories that I saw are mostly 350 BAHT and up. In my opinion, it's too costly and not worth the price. Considering I can get a similar one at a lower price somewhere else. For us, there isn't much stuff for us to shop since everything is rather costly. I wouldn't recommend my friends to do their shopping here. However, if you are looking for a place to do some photo shoot, do visit. Their backdrop is rather beautiful at some levels :) My family and I won't be paying Terminal 21 another visit in our future trips. 

Leaving Terminal 21, we decided to head over to "On Nut Night Market" via BTS since we were in the vicinity. Exiting "On Nut" station , you should see "Verve". The night market is right beside it. 

Food carts selling all sorts of desserts, drinks and full meals can be found in this market.
Of course, tons of clothes is sold here too.

Location: Sukhumvit 38 Alley, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Getting there: By BTS - On Nut Station 

Review: My family and I was anticipating a lot from the On Nut Night Market as several blogs and variety did feature it before. However, it was rather disappointing. The "On Nut Night Market" we visited didn't look like the ones featured. Honestly, I'm unsure if I went to the right one. I'm reviewing the place that I went. 
The good thing about this Night Market was that there were no crowd at all. As you can see from my photos above, the narrow walkway was rather empty. There wasn't a need for us to squeeze with others like in Pratunam. Clothes here are considered rather cheap. Ranging from 100-250 BAHT for most clothing. The quality wise is still acceptable. The night market also have a side that consist of all the food stalls and dining space. The downside was that there were not much variety. Several of the stalls mostly sold the same thing and most of them weren't that attractive to my family and I. We left after walking a round inside. Thus, it's going to be our first and last visit to On Nut Night Market. 
P.S. Have you been to On Nut Night Market? Did I visited the right one? Do comment and tell me if you know! 

As the sky gets darker and our feet getting real sore, we slowly made our way back to Evergreen Place. 

Before doing that, we stopped by MBK to eat some Ice Cream at Swensens while resting our sore feet. 

For dinner, we actually packet wanton noodles from this stall that was set up near Evergreen Place Bangkok. It was a little too dry for our liking but very well-scented with fried onions. :) 

That concludes day 2 of my trip! Hope you like this post! :) 

Above are all based on my own preferences as well as thoughts. It may differ based on each individual. 

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