Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 1

> June 10th 2015 - June 13th 2015 <

I'm back from Bangkok , guys! ^^ It was quite a hectic trip , considering we actually took 3.30PM flight to BKK , reaching around 5PM , so we kind of wasted a day. Nonetheless , we did visit few places that we did not go to on our previous trip. For this blog, I'll mainly cover the things I did not shared on my last trip's post. 

Let's get started! 

P.S. Similarly , street food I tried this time round will be under the other post! 


My family and I, together with my grandparents, reached the airport at about 11.30AM for an early Father's Day celebration at Paradise Dynasty before our trip. We finished our lunch an hour later, since our flight was scheduled to be at 3.30PM and we printed our boarding pass beforehand, we decided to proceed into transit area. I've long heard about the butterfly garden in Terminal 3 so my sisters and I went seeking for it! 
Here are the photos I took inside the butterfly garden! It was beautiful~

 It took us quite some time to travel from T3 to T2 , by the time we reached T2 , gate was already opened and it was time for boarding. 

 We arrived at BKK 15 minutes before scheduled arrival. Passing immigration , we got the 299 BAHT sim card before taking a train from Suvarnbhumi Airport to Ratchethewi. 

Here's what we see at Phaya Thai station. 
The first drink we had in BKK. The weather was so hot despite being in the evening. 
FIRST night stay was spent at our old favourite , Centrepoint Pratunam. However, I'm getting rather disappointed at the way their management works. My family and I actually booked our hotel room a week before departure. We contacted the hotel directly and they said it was fully booked, with only one room left for only one night. We took it first and had them inform us if there were vacant rooms nearer to date. However, on the 11th of June, as we checked out, the staff informed us that there were no vacant rooms. Yet when I surf online OTA such as expedia and agoda to check for rooms, Centrepoint Pratunam still had a few left for the rest of our nights. 

I think its disappointing how the hotel's management decides to block out most of the rooms for Online Travel Agencies to sell instead of releasing it to their current in-house guests when necessary. Then again, it gave us an opportunity to try out other accommodation the rest of the nights. 

 Upon checking in, we proceeded to hunt for dinner. We were all famished! 

This semi-restaurant that we visited for our first dinner in BKK was on the right side of Pantip Plaza. 

Fresh fruit juice by the side! 

Fully air-conditioned so you don't have to worry about the heat! 
Stir Fried Spicy Clams
Yang Zhou Fried Rice 
Tom Yum Goong

Blueberry Smoothie
Crab BeeHoon 
 Location : Corner of the street, on the right hand side of Pantip Plaza. Keep walking on the street by the right of Pantip Plaza. 

How to get there : 
1. By walking. 

                              2. By taxi. 

Review : It was our first visit to this restaurant. Overall, they have got a clear menu with picture illustration so you don't have to worry about what to expect based on the names. However, my family and I find the food slightly salty to our liking. The spicy clams was fried with the greens that gave "green curry" its flavor. Personally, I am not a fan of green curry, hence, I disliked the spicy clams. The Yang Zhou Fried Rice was good though. It was scented and tasted well! Tom Yum Goong wasn't that spicy compared to what I've previously tried. RECOMMEND.

After our dinner , we did some shopping along the street of Grand Diamond Plaza and Platinium Fashion Mall. I wouldn't elaborated further since I've already covered it on my last trip's blog post. 

Customized your own phone casing based on images! 

 We actually strolled all the way to Big C SuperCenter for some grocery and necessities shopping since we didn't bring. Haha. 

 I've covered Big C before so below , I'm making recommendations as to what are the must-buys I gathered. 

 Bento Cuttlefish is my aunt's favorite, she had me bring back some for her. It's not too bad, good to give it a try! 
It's 47.50BAHT per packet , approx SGD$3++?
This brand's duck noodles is a MUST-BUY because you can't find it in SG and it's superb!

Upon finishing our grocery shopping, we made a detour on the opposite side of the road , making our way back to CentrePoint Pratunam. Similarly, if you were to walk along the roadside of CentralWorld, there will be tons of street stalls for you to visit! 

This is a simple yet delicious egg omelette! I love it ^^
As the night gets darker , we were gradually worn out. Made a trip to 7-11 and bought tidbits, snacks, food. 
Be careful when purchasing fried wings from roadside stalls, our chicken wings had chicken feathers stuck onto it. 
This is the end of our mundane Bangkok Trip 2015 Day 1 :) 

Note: Above reviews are based on my personal preferences. May differ from each individual. 


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