Thursday, April 2, 2015

Manhatten Fish Market @ Changi City Point

Good afternoon ^^ 1st April is my birthday and my family celebrated it through dinner at Manhatten Fish Market at Changi City Point. MFM is rather known among many and I figured I should give my review on it. Frankly speaking, my dinner wasn't that enjoyable.

Having patronize MFM several times, my family and I have certain expectations on them. However, our recent trip brings us huge disappointment. 

Manhatten Fish Market is located at Changi City Point level 2. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. Their seating area is actually rather small compared to other MFM outlets I went to.  

Sadly, CCP MFM's food standard is dropping from good to disappointing.

Welcome Drink 

Review: Something new, they actually provide us with shots of "mojito" taste welcome drink when we sat down. Which was pretty refreshing with the mint within it. Downside? They are now charging customers $0.50 for each Ice/Warm water you order. Which wasn't the case when we patronize previously. I don't see why is there a need for the change. 

Onion Glory 
Deep Fried Onion.
Review: Onion Glory is definitely not for the health-conscious diners. It's rather oily due to it being deep fried. This is the type of dish where its either a liking or a dislike. Personally, I love onions so it was absolutely tasty for me. My sister wasn't a fan of onion but she was hooked onto this dish due to the sauce combination. (SGD$7.95) For onion lovers , HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Fish n Chips ( Dory ) 

Review: Fish n Chips come in the "REG" and "LITE" version. REG = 2 piece of fish while LITE = 1 piece of fish. The disappointment here is the size of fish has shrunk compared to our last visit. It seemed that their portioning is getting lesser. We ordered both LITE and REG size but both their portioning shrunk. On a good note , the taste hasn't changed much so it was still okay :) (SGD$11.95) RECOMMENDED

Spicy Baked Fish 

Review: My favorite part of this dish would be the spicy sauce drizzled on the fish itself. My mum is a fan of the sauce in fact :) It blended really well with the fish and when tasted, it's not spicy but more of sour. Definitely pleasant to taste for spice lovers ^^ On the other hand , the rice portioning was a bit too little, such that it won't be filling. It will be nice if they could increase the portion a little so that we do not have to pay extra to get rice add-on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to spice lovers. (SGD$15.95)

Mediterranean Baked Fish 

Review: This dish is more suitable for light-eaters. It's rather light and the herbs + spices of this dish is very aromatic. It is soothing to taste as compared to the Spicy Baked Fish. As mentioned above, the rice is a bit too little. However I have to praise their herb rice cause it's very tasty! RECOMMEND. (SGD$15.95) 

Veggie Olio 

Review: This dish is made specially for vegans. I ordered this dish as I wanted to see if it was good despite loaded with veggies. I actually tried this dish at Bugis's MFM and I liked it as it was fully flavored. Thus I wanted to see if there was consistency throughout. However, I am greatly disappointed. Here at CCP's MFM, Veggie Delight has no flavor to it, all you could taste was mushrooms and capsicums. However, Bugis's MFM was fully flavored. It seemed like something was missing from the dish served at MFM. I couldn't figure what it was but its just so different from Bugis's. I had to resort to asking for chilli flakes in order to flavor my pasta. I would RECOMMEND this to fellow vegans at the Bugis's outlet but NOT RECOMMENDED at CCP's outlet. (SGD$13.95)

I'm rather satisfied with the service received from CCP's staff. Their female staff are exceptionally cheerful and always smiling to their customers :) They are also very prompt in clearing empty dishes from our table. So all in all , I enjoyed their service. 

Conclusion: To conclude, CCP's MFM do have some dishes that I truly liked. My only dissatisfaction was the Veggie Olio. However, I do like the veggie olio from Bugis's MFM. On top of that, I feel that MFM could improve on their portion sizes so that customers could feel fuller after dining with them. This will help to retain loyal customers as well. I would still recommend you guys to give MFM a try. Especially the dishes of which I highly recommended. Personally I do like them. 

If you would like to see their menu , check out their official website. !

Below are the details:
Location: Changi Business Central Park 1, Changi City Point #01-39/40, Singapore 486038
Tel/Fax: +65 6636 1566
Business Hours : 11am - 10pm


NOTE: Above are all my personal opinions. May differ based on individuals. 

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