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Supply & Demand @ Orchard Gateway.

How are you folks! ^^ I'm so sorry for not updating frequently yeah! Today, I'll be sharing w you about "Supply & Demand", an Italian Restaurant. It has been rather well-known among my friends. I often see photos about this place on instagram and twitter. Therefore, I went to try it out with my friends! :) Below are my reviews :)

It was about 9pm when we headed over to "Supply & Demand". I would definitely encourage all of you to go earlier as there wasn't seats available by the time we went there. S&D has two seating areas. The outdoor (as in the corridor of the mall in front of S&D) area has little seating capacity, can probably fit about 15-20 guests. Whereas the main seating which is inside the shop will fit perhaps more than 50-60 guests. Of course, this is all my estimation. The setting of the place is rather dark yet cozy despite being packed. It has nice decoration too.

Their "outdoor" seating!
(You are just waiting for this, ain't you!^^)
Among the 3 of us whom ordered, 2 of my friends had the same dish while I ordered a pasta. An additional order of truffle fries was also ordered because the scent was so attracting as we waited for seats!
Truffle Fries

Review: The scent of truffle was so strong that we could smell it even though we can't see it. As oily as it seem, it tasted not too bad actually. Yes truffle fries may taste just so ordinary but S&D's chefs did season it with garlic. (Look at the big clove of garlic on top of the fries!) Therefore, with the hint of garlic coupled w truffle, it is a tiny weeny different from other places! :) However, eating too much made us kinda sick so we din't finish it. RECOMMEND

Carbonara Cremosa
I've been craving for pasta so badly so I decided to settle for a plate of Carbonara! 

Review: Firstly, the portion of the pasta was rather big so I didn't manage to finish it. Regretted not ordering a tasting portion instead :( Well, the pasta was very chewy and it tasted really well with the bacon among it. I kinda like it a lot actually, tho I didn't manage to finish it. Haha. However, I added a lot of chilli flakes cause I couldn't eat anything without spices. RECOMMEND. $17.

Both of my friends decided to order just "Chicken" and the chef will do it his/her way. You can also have the choice of "beef" or "fish". 

Review: The chicken came with salad and potatoes as side dish. You probably couldn't tell but the portion was actually quite big and my friends couldn't finish it as well. Based on my friends comments, the chicken tasted really well with the sauce drizzled on top. It was cooked just nice, not dry nor bloody inside. It's also rather juicy with the oil shining on the meat as you cut it apart. $17. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

The service is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. Despite on a full-house that night, the service staff caters to each of their guests with passion. My friends and I added up to a total of 6 person. However, only a table for 4 was available. Therefore, we had to squeeze together. Halfway through our meal, another table for 4 was available. The service staff immediately initiated to combine tables for us so that we'll be comfortable. From here, we can see how considerate they are. Food was also served quickly. It's their service that makes people come back for more. 

Conclusion: No doubt I will encourage you guys to give Supply and Demand a try. Their chicken especially would be a dish that I recommend, PROVIDED you like potatoes and salad. HAHAHA. Furthermore, they do serve beers and wine. Hence, it's a good place for a date or even gathering with your friends ;) 

If you are interested, below are the details! :)
Location - Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Road #02-13/14 Singapore 238858
Opening Hours - 11.30am - 1030pm. (Last order @ 9.30pm) 
Contact - 65-67026218

They do allow reservation for certain timings so head over to this website to do it :) 


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