Sunday, December 14, 2014

Refuel Cafe @ Bedok Reservoir

Hey peeps! A new cafe just opened up at Bedok Reservoir! What's good about this cafe is that it is STILL not well-known yet, so not very crowded! ^^ YAY! Soooo , below are my reviews of it.

Refuel cafe is not that big. Tucked in the corner of a row of shops, it can probably fit about 20-25-30 people thereabouts? The seatings are also kinda "close" to one another so yeap. MY APOLOGIES, I WAS TOO EXCITED I DIDN'T SNAP ANY SITE IMAGES :( I WILL DO IT WHEN I GO BACK AGAIN! SORRRYYY :(

My friend and I ordered a dish each to share with one another. :)

I just needed to post this two up cause I love the photography I did. HAHAHA.
Fuel Me Up
This dish was kinda like a "starter" for us instead. It has "sausage balls baked w mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, egg and sauce". Toast is also served with it.

Reviews: Firstly, the toast is really crispy so both of us like it :) It would suck if they served us soggy bread instead >< When you first try this dish, it's still fine. The taste of tomatoes was really strong, kinda like pasta sauce. The semi rare egg was definitely yummy^^ However, the sausage balls wasn't to any of our liking because it contained herb that both my friend and I hated. Gradually, we got a little too "tired" of this dish so we didn't finish it. RECOMMEND to people whom are a huge fan of the ingredients used. 

Creamy Shrimps Pasta

Review: This dish taste EXACTLY the same as 49 seats' TomYum Seafood Pasta. We had the same thoughts when we took the first bite. I was rather disappointed as I kinda expected something different. Yes, there may be a slight ingredient difference in them but all I can think of when I had this dish was 49 seats. It would be good if Refuel Cafe could twist the spicy cream sauce such that it taste different compared to 49 seats. They will then leave an impression on consumer's mind. For me, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this dish. Try something else here. 

There wasn't much interaction between us and the staff. The only comment that I have on their service would be efficiency. The waitresses were rather quick in clearing plates and cups once they see that you're done with it. Even though efficiency can be good, clearing too fast makes us think that they are chasing us away once we are done :( So yeah. Other than that, nothing much :)

Conclusion: Refuel Cafe is a nice place to chill and relax. It's also a nice place to catch up with 1 or 2 friends :) I will definitely recommend you guys to patronize the cafe. Give other dishes that they offer a try :) They might be better than the ones we ordered. I've attached the menu below for your reference too :) Oh and they do not charge any GST nor Service Charge! 

Below are their details :) 
Location -  Blk 744 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3029
Operating Hours - 11am - 10pm. (CLOSED on Tuesdays) 

Contact - 64480015

Toodles ^^

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