Wednesday, October 29, 2014

发起人肉骨茶(Founder Bak Gut Teh) @ Rangoon Road

Hey peeps! :)

Today I'll be doing a review on the Founder Bak Kut Teh. I came upon this Founder Bak Kut Teh since my friend posted a photo of it on Instagram. I google this place and it seemed rather famous hence I convinced my dad to go and give it a try. :)

What we ordered : 
- Salted Vegetable     - Tau Kee 
- You Tiao                 - Pig Trotter
- Bak Gut Teh 

Food Review 
In general , the side dishes taste alright , just like the typical side dishes from the other Bak Gut Teh Restaurants. The Pig Trotter was filled with fats and meat , it was definitely my dad's favorite. ^^ 
As for the main dish , the "Founder Bak Gut Teh" , I feel like it's a little too overrated. The soup was perfect but the meat was a little too dry and it has this "pig smell" when you are about to eat it. People whom know what smell I'm referring to are technically more sensitive and therefore they wouldn't be able to savor it. E.g. My dad. He took a bite of the meat and the smell was so overwhelming to him that he couldn't take a second bite.  

Price Review
It cost $40++ for the amount of food we ordered. ( 3 person ) In my opinion , it's not worth it. Considered rather costly compared to the other Bak Gut Teh restaurants I've been to. 

Based on my preferences , I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to my family or friends. I feel that the it's too costly and it doesn't taste as fantastic as what other people says. Then again , you can still give it a try and perhaps leave a comment below and tell me how you find it! :) I believe everyone would have different opinions due to differing tastes preferences. ^^

Toodles! :) 

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