Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant @ Upper Dickson Road

Good Evening readers :) Firstly, my apologies for not updating this blog frequently. I've been so busy with school projects and tests, hence not having time to go food-hopping. Secondly,  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! :) :) To make up for the rare updates, I'm going to review about one of these amazing Vegetarian Restaurant I went to few weeks ago!

Gokul Vegetarian is a rather small scale restaurant. It can probably sit around 40-50 pax at most? That's just my estimation, it may be wrong >.< Despite it being not as wide compared to other restaurants, it gave me a rather homely and cozy feeling :) (Sorry, didn't take any on-site images.)

I went to the restaurant with my dad and second sister. As it was our first trip there, we did not know how big their food portion was. Thus, we ordered one dish each. (We regretted our choice!)

Side Dish
This cracker was complimentary. Upon ordering, they will serve it to you :) 
 Paper Dosa
 CHECK OUT THE SIZE! I've never seen a Paper Dosa that huge before. If you think that it's just my camera angle, I will tell you right now that NO, It's really that huge. (I'm probably overreacting to some of you but it's my first time ordering this dish back then, so my family and I were so shocked by it!) 
Reviews: My comment on the Paper Dosa will be how oily it is, though its suppose to be like that, I think. Health concious people, do not order it. However, the red sauce on the other side of the curry indeed tasted really well with the Paper Dosa. I think it's kind of a unique sauce here because the other restaurant I went in Little India did not serve it with Paper Dosa when I ordered it. Note that only the curry sauce is hot while the other two is cold :) My dad and sister loved this dish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ($4.50)  

Mee Soup
Reviews: You guys must be thinking why would we order such common dish. (Blame my sister) Despite such common dish, we do like how the soup is rather thick, with a strong taste. On a side note, I would comment that its slightly oily. Other than that, it's rather similar to the Fishball Noodle soup sold outside :) ($7.50)

Claypot Malabar Briyani 

Reviews: Since it was a new and recommended dish by other reviewers, I decided to gave it a try! :) It smells awesome. The scent woke up all my senses and I couldn't wait to try it out! It's exactly like claypot rice, the "meat" was all hidden at the base just between the rice. Honestly speaking, I got a little sick of the "meat" after consuming it too much. It had this weird taste, like canned mock meat. It's different from other mock meat. Other than that, nothing else that's bad! I personally like this dish a lot due to the "curry" taste of the rice itself. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ($12)

Claypot Briyani 

Reviews: This dish is rather simple. Similarly to the claypot malabar, it has mock meat at the base of the dish. Compared to the previous claypot rice, this dish is more plain and light. But the spices that they used made the basmati rice tastier. If you prefer a lighter taste dish, choose this :) My dad liked this dish better than the other. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ($12) 

Their service was rather prompt. Food was served to us quickly, we didn't have to wait long. In addition to that, the owner of this restaurant had also approached our table to ask about our satisfaction of the food :) 

Conclusion: I would actually highly recommend everybody to give this restaurant a try. Be it whether you are a vegetarian or not. Even though it's rather hard to get there unless you have a car or you take the taxi, it's worth the price and time. Then again, this is based on my personal experience and thinking. Different people may have different preferences ^^

If you are interested, below are the details: 

In addition, here's the link to Gokul Vegetarian's menu, .

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