Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marriott Cafe @ Singapore Marriott Hotel

Heyheyhey Everybody! Hope all of you are doing well ^^ I went for a buffet spree at Marriott Hotel last week and today , I'll be doing a review on it today! :)

The dining area was very spacious , tables are widely spread and you wouldn't feel any constraint walking around. Hence , you feel like you dined at ease. It's peaceful and quiet except for 1/2 person making clinks and clangs times to times again. Yet overall , it's a good place to catch up with friends if you like to go for buffet spree w them.

This is just one part of the dining area! There was still another part behind me!
Too busy eating so dint take HAHA.
In general , I would say that Marriott did have an extensive range of food offered. However , they have very limited seafood ( 3-4 kinds ) . I think among the entire buffet spread , the main focus was on the dessert instead. It seemed like great effort was put into the desserts instead. ( You'll understand when you see the photos! ) Also , they don't replenish the seafood when it's finished. They substitute it with another type of seafood. E.g. When the crayfish finished , they switched to crab legs.

Fried lotus^^

Insane bread types but the cheese types wasn't much.
It wasn't really sweet :(

The smoked salmon wasn't that nice but he szechuan salmon was nice :)

I had 4 plates of this. Trust me. HAHAHA.
Oysters , Crayfish , Prawns , Mussels.
Fried salmon. Not to my liking though. Prefer it raw haha. 
A station for laksa , soup noodles lover^^
Chicken Rice Station.
My sister took a big plate of this chicken rice and the ginseng chix soup!

Pesto Gnocchi.

I absolutely loved the cheese cake! (The white/yellow one!)
Elaborated cake.

As you can see , dessert station was very elaborated and many people had their attention to it!

The service staff there was very helpful and prompt to clear for us. Their service was top-notch. There are times where your plates aren't filled with shells yet and they are already there to help you empty those plate of shells. They also helped to ask if we needed any coffee or tea. A lady also provided us with lemon water for us to wash our hands due to the seafood. Hence , I'm very pleased with their service.

In my opinion , I don't really liked their buffet spread. It was rather limited , especially their seafood. I very much prefer Carousel's over theirs. Hence , I wouldn't recommend to my family nor friends. Of course, this is my personal opinion :) If you would like to try , you can still go for it :) But it's kinda costly though , 3 person cost 160++ for a LUNCH buffet. It didn't cost me that much at Carousel for 4 pax. Do consider about it before going :)


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