Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bibigo Singapore

How are you doing guys :) It has been quite awhile but today , i'm going to review on Bibigo , a restaurant that provides authentic korean cuisine ^^ They have 3 outlets in Singapore , I patronized the one at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Bibigo is situated at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre , among the other restaurants. It's rather peaceful in the restaurant itself , a rather nice place to catch up with some friends over a meal :)

My friends and I each ordered a different dish so that I would be able to review more dishes.

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew ( Seafood ) 

Review : For spice lovers , you will love this dish as their soup is rather spicy , not just on the mild level. The seafood was also fresh and it tasted fantastic. Of course , you have the option of having pork/seafood. Besides kimchi , sides served was very different , we couldn't put to taste what it really was. You also have the choice of rice served , white/black/barley&white/white&white. Playing safe , my friend chose the white.

Hot Stone Bibimbap 

Review : This dish is probably super duper tasty because my friend licked the bowl clean! It's kinda similar to claypot rice in some sense as the rice was in a hot stone so rice placed at the bottom gets a little burnt. But that is what makes it smells and taste good :) There's also flexibility in choosing the rice , sauce and toppings to come with! Hence , this bibimbap is in a "made your own way" mode! :) 

Bibimbap ( Vegetarian version ) 

Review : Some of you may be wondering , why did I order something vegetarian. I know that there has been growth in vegetarian consumers out there so I wanted to try and see if Bibigo has something for the vegetarian people. Initially I didn't see any on the menu so I asked the staff. The lady told me bibimbap was the only dish a vegetarian can consume. So I chose it and she stated that I can choose the rice while everything else will be specially done by the chef. I went with barley&white rice and wow , barley rice tasted wonderful! As for toppings , the chef gave me radish , broccoli , mushrooms , beansprouts , tofu and 2 kinds of vegetables I haven't came across. Surprisingly , it didn't taste awful!Tasteless? Not at all! With the sauce mixed in , everything tasted WONDERFUL! Try it!

3 outlets :
-Raffles City Shopping Centre
-Marina Bay Financial Centre
-Nex Shopping Mall

Menu :
I attached the menu brochure that I saw at the counter while making payment , check it out! 

Conclusion : I'm really satisfied with the food served , definitely enjoyed my lunch there. The service staff was also friendly and had the patience to wait by the table for us to make a decision on toppings etc. In addition , they had card promotions ongoing so your spending decreased by quite a bit! I will definitely patronize again someday. :)

Leave a comment below and tell me what's your view on Bibigo if you patronize it before and what do you think of this post! ^^ 

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